Cristina et Brice

Date : 8-9-10 juillet 2016


Nombre d'invités : 90 adultes et 2 enfants


Thème choisi : Franco-colombien / Violet-Blanc 



Les festivités ont débuté le vendredi lors d'un diner de bienvenue à l'Hôtel Restaurant du Parc à Fontaine de Vaucluse.

Le Domaine de Blanche Fleur à Chateauneuf de Gadagne a ensuite accueilli tout le monde pour la cérémonie laïque et la soirée du mariage le samedi,

puis le brunch le dimanche.


Ca je m'en souviendrai ... 

Toutes les petites attentions pensées pour que chaque invité

passe un week-end parfait.

Le travail fait en amont avec l'illustratrice, du save the weekend au nom des tables en passant même par le wedding cake !



Photos : Sébastien Voerman

Vidéo : Eternisez

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Témoignage du 17 août 2016 : à J+38 ...


"We asked Jennie to get us the moon, she brought it to us on a silver plate !


Choosing a wedding planner is one of the most important decisions a couple has to take when planning a wedding.

We know this first hand as we initially had another wedding planner that not only wouldn’t respect deadlines and communicate very little, she also didn’t give us much room for personalizing our celebration, even advising us against choosing our own photographer. It was a tough and stressful decision but we had to let her go and look for another one.

So we hired Amazing Day. Let us tell you, this was a completely different experience, it was essentially day and night. We were thrilled to have such an important event in our lives to be in the expert and caring hands of Jennie.


We wanted our wedding to be organized over three days. That way, our hundred guests coming from ten different countries would have enough time to recover from their long trip in order to fully enjoy our relaxing, yet exciting celebration.

We also wanted every single detail to be decided together between our wedding planner, the rest of the team we assembled for this event and us, so it could be as personalized as possible.

When we say personalized, we don’t mean what food will be served to the guests and what bands will be playing music although yes we wanted to choose that too; we mean everything from choosing the plates, silverware, tablecloth, chairs… down the the entire ceremony script.

None of that was a problem for Jennie. She did a great deal of work in order to meet our expectations, she has been very patient, flexible and always resourceful. For about a year we have met multiple times and had very regular Skype sessions.

All in all, the planning stage happened very smoothly.


Our wedding weekend ended up blasting past our expectations, it was simply incredible. All of the thirty people involved with all aspects of the organisation knew exactly their place and role.

She told us to enjoy every second because it would happen in the blink of an eye. That’s exactly how it happened and we were able to do just that, enjoy every moment without worrying about anything.

The feedback we have received from our guests was simply outstanding and as a matter of fact, our friend that works in the wedding industry told us it was the most beautiful wedding she has ever attended (ok, she might be biased, but still)!


Did we mention Jennie was seven months pregnant? Although we were honestly a little bit concerned the moment she told us about her pregnancy a few months earlier, she quickly reassured us and assured it wouldn’t affect our celebration in any way.


She actually went as far as hiring a wedding planner collaborator, Chahnez Feron, to assist her during those three days and ensure everything would go according to plan.

In conclusion, it would be tempting to say that Jennie is some kind of magician ninja... But the reality is simply that she is putting a lot of hard work, patience, dedication, and most importantly, a lot of love in what she does.

Thank you Jennie, from the bottom of hearts, we are deeply grateful to you for making us all so happy !!